To start Canoeing with us

You need to be over 8 years old, our oldest member is over 76 & still rolling.
You should be confident in water and able to swim 25 metres in light clothing wearing a buoyancy aid.
The club will provide all boats, paddles and safety equipment. All you need to bring is a towel, a change of clothes and suitable footwear (not cloggs) tie on (old trainers are ideal) which will get wet. No  Jeans.
Canoeing is a risk sport with the the possibility of injury, we provide safety equipment and training to use it. We do not take people on the water without a buoyancy aid.

What to wear

This page will give new paddlers some guidance on what clothing to wear to club sessions. Many items of everyday clothing can be used and will allow new members to start paddling without incurring any significant cost for new kit.
The best source of initial information is from the club coaches and other paddlers.
They will be able to show you what they use and give advice on the best shops and deals around.

The club will provide all appropriate safety equipment this includes buoyancy aids, spraydecks and helmets when needed.
You should be able to swim at least 25 metres in any clothing you are wearing.
Do not wear heavy shoes, boots, denim jeans, bulky woollen jumpers or coats, these are heavy when wet and will take a long time to dry out as well as being difficult to paddle in or swim. Nylon tee shirt is far better than cotton, which is cold when wet.

At the pool
Shorts, you should wear a tee shirt (not cotton) which makes using a spray deck more comfortable. Restarts October  2018.

At the lake in summer
Shorts or light tracksuit bottoms, lightweight quick drying top.
Trainers or beach shoes with laces.
Avoid cotton as it is cold to wear and does not dry quickly.
Remember Sunblock and a hat if there is strong sunshine
At the lake in winter
Tracksuit bottoms, fleece insulating tops and thermal clothing provide good warmth even when damp.
Lightweight waterproof jackets and trousers will keep water spray and wind from making you feel cold. Wet suit will help but you must wear a waterproof over the top, to keep the wind off. (wetsuits are only warm when WET). Wetsuit booties help as well & a towel.

Club Day Trips

The van will be used to transport the boats & equipment however members are asked to share cars.
Club trip rules and guidelines

Check your vehicle insurance

People who in any way drive their own vehicle on a voluntary basis, even if it is just once a year, please check that your insurance policy covers you. Here is a link giving a full explanation:

and a list of insurance companies giving their standpoint. If the company does not appear on the list, I would advise you to contact your insurer without delay.
Before volunteering transport for group events contact Dave for full details