Club Trip Rules and Guidelines

1. Trips organised by the Club are intended to be enjoyable social events as well as providing good canoeing. It is hoped that organisers, Coaches and participants will have a good time. Safety is of paramount importance to the Club so it is necessary for trips to be conducted within a framework of guidelines to minimise the risk associated with canoeing. But remember……..

2. Canoeing & Kayaking are ‘Assumed risk sport’ that may carry attendant risks. Participants should be aware and accept these risks, and be responsible for their own action and involvement.

3. When participating in a trip you must recognise this and, being guided by more experienced members of the group, assume responsibility for your own safety and of any junior members in your charge.

4. If you have any doubts at all about the suitability of this trip for you, you should speak to the trip leader or to other club Coaches for advice.

5. The group leader will do all he or she can to ensure that no harm comes toanyone but the safety of all members of the group will be enhanced by everyone observing the following guidelines:

6. Participants will:

6.1 Be able to swim confidently at least 50 metres in canoeing clothing.

6.2 Have knowledge about canoeing clothing, weather conditions, personal and canoe buoyancy, capsize procedures and group safety.

6.3 Ensure that they are familiar with the conditions likely to be encountered on the trip and, after discussion with the trip leader, be satisfied that they can cope with them.

6.4 Follow the instructions of the organiser and/or Coaches or of any other nominated leader.

6.5 Not act recklessly or negligently or in any way which might jeopardise personal safety or the safety of others.

6.6 Ensure that equipment used for the trip is suitable for the conditions to be encountered and properly maintained. This applies whether the equipment used is owned or borrowed.

6.7 When requested by the leader, carry in their boat in waterproof containers, basic survival equipment for a day’s paddling, which will include;- spare clothing,
First aid kit, food, hot drinks, towels and dry warm clothing will need to be available to paddlers at the end of the trip.

6.8 Observe the BCU canoeists code and the conditions of access to waters in force during the trip.

7. Leaders will:

7.1 Take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety group to the extent that they are able.

7.2 Be a qualified coach at an appropriate level to the planned trip or ensure that a suitably qualified coach is on the trip.

7.3 Lead trips only on water with which they are familiar or on other simple waters where the safety of the group can be maintained.

7.4 Accept as a participant only those paddlers who are considered sufficiently skilled to cope with the conditions likely to be
encountered. The decision to paddle will be reviewed for each participant in the light of conditions prevailing at the commencement
of paddling.

7.5 Guide the group in such a way as to identify river or other dangers and decide how these should be tackled.

7.6 Ensure that participants have all the necessary equipment and that it is suitable for the conditions likely to be encountered.