Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy

Edmonton Canoe Group is fully committed to safeguarding the well being of all its members. All members should show respect and understanding for the rights, safety and welfare of others, and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the Group. We believe that taking part in Paddlesport should be a positive and enjoyable part of children’s lives and to achieve this have the following aims:

Group coaches and helpers should follow the BC Code of Ethics

All Group coaches, helpers and officials working with young people should read and adhere to the BC Child Protection and Harassment Policy. The Group will follow the guidance of the policy in the event of any concerns or allegations.

The Group will ensure that anyone working with young people and/or vulnerable adults will undertake the most up-to-date screening procedure.

The Group will ensure that anyone working with young people and/or vulnerable adults has access to relevant Safeguarding Children training which should be updated every three years or sooner when there are significant changes to legalisation.

All Group members are made aware of the Group Code/s of Conduct

The Group will obtain written Medical details of young paddlers which will be made known to coaches, where deemed appropriate and/or necessary.

Any paddler who coaches for the Group should be a member of the BC. The Group will encourage and support helpers to gain qualifications and assist coaches to stay updated.

The Group will identify a person whose role it is to deal with any issues concerning Child Protection and Harassment and notify this person to all members. Anyone with concerns with respect to Child/ Vulnerable Adults Abuse or Harassment should contact that person. If that person is unavailable they can contact the Group Chairman or the BC Child Protection /Harassment Officer.

The Group will adopt and regularly review a Health and Safety Policy

The Group will review this Policy annually.

Edmonton Canoe Group Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Protection/ Harassment Designated Welfare Officer:
Hazel Yabsley

1st January 2019

download: copy of policy

Hertfordshire Safeguarding info:

Key phone numbers for making child protection referrals and reporting concerns

Call the police if there is immediate danger to life, risk of injury or if a crime is being committed dial 999

Concerns about children and vulnerable adults can be reported to social services

Children’s social care 0300 123 4043

Adults social care 0300 123 4042

Lines are open 24 hours a day.

Referrals from professionals can also be made online at

Further information is available online for members of the public and professionals.

Call police on 101 if there is no immediate risk but a police response is required as soon as possible due to the seriousness of the incident or potential loss of evidence.

Childline 0800 1111 or online